Tyga Reportedly Loses Over $50,000 From LA Retail Store Robbery

(Breaking News) Tyga is out of a lot of racks after his last kings store was robbed. Information from TMZ claims the robbers took $53,150 worth of stuff.

The Rack City Rapper lost 50,000 in clothes. An empty the stores safe that was worth $250 dollars a flat screen TV worth $800, and an iPad worth $500 dollars and parts of his security system worth 1,600.

A worker discovered the shop had been burglarized. Police have not found a suspect yet, but authorities are not ruling out that it can be an inside job.

Nick Cannon Isn't Worried About Getting Remarried

Nick Cannon has no plan, no time soon to get remarried after his latests split with Mariah Carey in 2015.

Nick Cannon married Mariah in 2008 after a wild win romance, but the couples romance faded back in 2015 after she went on to spend 2016 as businessman James Packer's fiancee, before they split.

Cannon has enjoyed romance since the split in he doesn't see himself getting remarried no time soon because he's not ready yet.